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LAUSD Databases

If the links to the right, for Career Cruising and Ferguson's, don't work, you can access the LIST OF DATABASES by clicking here and search for the database.  Ferguson's is inside of Facts on File.

Access from Home

To access Career Cruising from home, you need to first activate your LAUSD student account.


Click on remote access button




Once your account is activated, you will have the complete list of databases.  You then click on Career Cruising.

Other Websites

These websites are free and available to you from anywhere.  If you still haven't found what you're looking for, try these:

explore health careers


careers in public health

Printable Documents

Health Careers


Health Career

Research Report

Career Cruising Database

The Career Cruising database can give you very detailed information about the Health career of your choice.


To access FROM SCHOOL, click on this logo:



  • Click on Careers, at the top of the page.


You then have 2 choices:

  1. Click on California Industry Sectors
    1. Click on Health Science & Medical Technology




  1. Click on School Subjects
    1. Click on Science


  • Click on the career of your choice – it will give you At a Glance information.


  • For more detailed information, look at the menu on the left hand side
    • These links will answer your questions for your report!

Ferguson's Career Database

Another database that will help with your Health career research is Ferguson's.  Click on the logo below if accessing FROM SCHOOL:



THEN, click on Job Profiles, THEN Health Science

Health Career Library Books

physicians asst.gif

Physicians' assistants & nurses : new opportunities in the 21st-century health system    


Call #: 610.73 Str Strange, Cordelia.

medical techs.gif

Medical technicians : health-care support for the 21st century    


Call #: 371.4 STR Strange, Cordelia.


Careers in focus. Geriatric care.    


Call #: 371.4 CAR




Call #: 371.4 HEA

21st cent couns.gif

21st-century counselors : new approaches to mental health & substance abuse    


Call #: 371.4 FLA Flath, Camden

CIF med techs.gif

Careers in focus. Medical technicians and technologists.    


Call #: 371.4 CAR


Careers in focus. Physicians.    


Call #: 371.4 CAR


Careers in focus. Nursing.    


Call #: 371.4 CAR


Here is some help in citing your sources for these databases or websites:


How to cite Career Cruising database:


Editor, author, or compiler name. “Article title.” Name of page.  

               Date of resource creation. Name of database.

               Medium of publication. Date of access.




“Job description.” Acupuncturist. 2014. Career Cruising. Web.

                 2 Dec. 2014.


How to cite a website/page on a website:


Editor, author, or compiler name. “Article title.” Name of Site.

                  Version number. Name of institution/organization

                  affiliated with the site (sponsor or publisher), date of

                  resource creation. Medium of publication. Date of





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