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Problems with Links?


If the links are not directing you to the database search page, click on Digital Library below to access the full list of databases.  Find the database you need there:


Digital Library

Outbreak Project

Part I: Country Research

culture grams

Click on the continent 

then click on the country of your choice


Part II: Disease Identification





EBSCO: CLICK ON Consumer Health Complete:

cons health comp

Facts on File: Today's Science:

todays science

Facts on File: CLICK ON Health Reference Center:

health ref ctr

Facts on File: Science Online:

science online

Access from Home

If you want to access databases from HOME, click here:

remote access button

Your account must be activated to access databases from home.   If your account is not activated, then follow instructions to activate your account.


To activate your account and to access from home, you will need your LAUSD SSO (Student Single Sign On).  If you don't have this information, you can get it from Ms. Rivas.

Library Books

Books you can find in the STEAM library:


  1. Unusual Diseases (616 Har)
  2. Lyme disease (616.9 Kel)
  3. Pandemics (614.4 Pra)
  4. Plague (614.5 Emm)
  5. Killer Viruses (616.9 Hal)
  6. Chicken Pox (616.9 Gui)
  7. Streptococcus group A (616.9 Smi)
  8. Hepatitis (616.3 Abr)
  9. Yellow Fever (614.5 Shm)
  10. Viruses (614.5 Shm)
  11. West Nile Virus (614.5 Sfa)
  12. Botulism (616.9 Emm)
  13. Cholera (616.9 Col)
  14. Diphtheria (616.9 Gui)
  15. Polio (616.8 Hec)
  16. Rubella and Rubeola (614.5 Shm)
  17. Outbreak: disease detectives at work (614.4 Fri)
  18. Infections, infestations, and diseases (616.9 Duk)
  19. E. Coli infections (579.3 Man)
  20. Ebola (614.5 Sti)
  21. Smallpox (614.5 Fur)


Don't see the book you need? We have more in VAPA and ISLC - come and ask Ms. Rivas what you're looking for!



Here is some help in citing your sources for these databases or websites:


How to cite an online database:


Editor, author, or compiler name. “Article title.” Name of page.  

               Date of resource creation. Name of database.

               Medium of publication. Date of access.




“Job description.” Acupuncturist. 2014. Career Cruising. Web.

                 2 Dec. 2014.


How to cite a website/page on a website:


Editor, author, or compiler name. “Article title.” Name of Site.

                  Version number. Name of institution/organization

                  affiliated with the site (sponsor or publisher), date of

                  resource creation. Medium of publication. Date of





Bernstein, Mark. "10 Tips on Writing the Living Web." A List

                 Apart: For People Who Make Websites. A List

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