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Dear STEAM Community,


Welcome to the 2022-2023 academic year! I hope you were able to recharge this summer with family and friends –and maybe even do some traveling! These past 2 years have truly tested our ability to be adaptable, flexible, and creative. I want to thank all stakeholders in advance for their continued commitment to our students, community, and each other as we navigate the transition back to campus and in-person teaching and learning.

The goal for this upcoming academic year is to support and accelerate student learning. Supporting and accelerating student learning means building relationships, setting high expectations, and committing to equity. This charge is a heavy lift that will require collaboration, communication, and on-going reflection. I look forward to creating opportunities for us to collectively flourish as we heal from the impact of the pandemic.

About Us


Our School's Mission Statement

Our Students will graduate from STEAM High School with the capacity to know and understand core academic content, think critically, solve problems, harness their artistic creativity, be innovative, communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and continue learning throughout their lives.

Nuestros estudiantes se graduaran de La Escuela Secundaria de STEAM con la capacidad de conocer y entender contenido académico básico, pensar críticamente, resolver problemas, aprovechar su creatividad artística, ser innovadores, comunicarse de manera efectiva, trabajar en colaboración y continuar aprendiendo durante toda su vida.


Our School's Vision Statement

The vision of STEAM is to build a safe and innovative learning community that opens the door to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts. Students will have access to equitable, high quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education that infuses the Arts as an integral piece of the learning. Subsequently, the school culture created through the STEAM-themed learning environment at Legacy High School Complex, will lead students to envision and become empowered to be active members of the current knowledge-based society, while co-creating a world beyond expectation.

La visión de STEAM es construir una comunidad de aprendizaje segura é innovadora que abre las puertas a la ciencia, la tecnología, la ingeniería, las matemáticas y las artes. Los estudiantes tendrán acceso a una educación, STEM (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería, Matemáticas) de alta calidad y equitativa que infunde las Artes como una pieza integral del aprendizaje. Subsiguientemente, la cultura escolar creadas a través del ambiente de aprendizaje en STEAM en el Complejo Legacy Escuela Secundaria conducirán a los estudiantes a visualizar y tener el poder de ser miembros activos de la sociedad basada en el conocimiento, mientras crean un mundo más allá de las expectativas.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes


Self-Directed Students who:
a.use goal setting techniques
b.organize and manage time efficiently c.assume responsibility for their actions.

Technologically literate students who:
a.use technology to research and communicate effectively. b.demonstrate the use of technology across the curriculum.

Effective Communicators who:
a.are critical and thorough listeners, readers, writers, and researchers.
b.are clear, confident and persuasive speakers in all learning environments. racial, gender, cultural and religious tolerance.

Academic Achievers who:
a.demonstrate academic growth in the state content standards. b.contribute through service to their school community. c.strive to meet or exceed California State standards. d.complete core subject work.

Motivated, creative and critical thinkers who:
a.develop a positive identity.
b.use creativity to solve problems.
c.are decision makers and problem solvers individually and collaboratively.

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